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Material Choice

Ok, the fun part!  In today's world, when thinking about great granite installation in Orlando, the range of natural and engineered stone products available for the customer to choose from can be overwhelming. This is why we choose to deliver you the best product available for your next home or office remodel, or any job in between. Whether it be granite countertops installation in Orlando, or marble tile floors, Stonebridge has you covered!

What's Important

Total square footage required

Determine if stone has movement such as distinct vertical or horizontal vein coloration

If stone has movement, additional material may be required in order to achieve optimal layout

Slabs average from 45 - 60 sq. feet

Angled cuts can increase wastage of material; this must be factored into overall square footage required

Examine each slab of material to determine if cracks exist. National pits and fissure are normal to many types of granite and marbles, so make sure these characteristics are not to your dislike

Each slab is checked carefully at our facility before we will accept delivery from supplier

Make sure the slab wholesale yard takes careful details of your selection

We will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Call the professionals at Stonebridge Granite and Tile in Orlando FL. We will gladly offer advice and free quotes.

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