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Installation Day

Start time is usually around 8:00 am.

We will introduce ourselves and briefly, yet informatively, explain our process of installation.

An average install takes approximately 5 hours. If tear-out is required then approximately 6 hours.

Please locate water shut off valve.

Things to consider


  • We ask that you remove all items from your existing countertops prior to our arrival
  • Please remove all items from inside sink and cabinets
  • Remove drawers. This will help our installers to quickly remove existing tops. 

Work performed by other trades 

In all cases a licensed plumber will be required for final hook-up of your new sink at homeowner’s expense.

A licensed electrician is not generally required unless you require hook-up of cooktop or move outlets.  

We will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Call the professionals at Stonebridge Granite and Tile in Orlando FL. We will gladly offer advice and free quotes.

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