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Care and Maintenance


When it comes to granite countertops installation in Orlando, we serve as a educational service for our customers. A neutral PH cleaner is always recommended for cleaning granite or marble surface. Most box stores carry neutral PH cleaners. Dawn dishwashing liquid also works well.  Most box stores carry neutral PH cleaners that also work well.

Marble, Travertine, and Limestone 

These are much softer stones and require TLC.  Avoid cleaning these products with harsh cleaners.  These surfaces are easy to scratch and need periodic sealing to prevent food and drink stains from penetrating the stone. Avoid vinegar or anything acidic, since this will etch the surface of the stone.
In most cases, stains can be removed from these stones, and surfaces can be re-polished.


We recommend sealing stone every 2 - 4 years with a penetrating sealer.


Avoid placing greasy pots on top of stone countertops. This can leave a dark ring, which is hard to remove. 

Do not cut directly on your new stone top, always use a cutting board. 

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