Rooms That Can Benefit from Custom Cabinets in Orlando

When most people think of custom cabinets, kitchens probably come to mind. However, there are many rooms in your home that could benefit from having beautiful custom cabinets with spot on functionality. One particular room that most people neglect is the laundry room. Although it is a room designated mostly for chores, it doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, sprucing up your laundry room may even make chores more fun! Many people have a beautifully designed home with gorgeous custom kitchen cabinets but when it comes to the laundry room, they completely neglect it. How disappointing is that? The good news is that this is often a simple fix and adding custom cabinets is a big part of it. Stonebridge Granite and Tile specializes in even the smallest spaces of your home such as your laundry room and closets. There is no such thing as too small of a space for us to turn into a stunning room. Custom cabinets are especially important in multi-purpose areas where organization and functionality is of utmost importance.

When designing your custom cabinets in Orlando, we take into consideration the room’s use and space to plan accordingly, ensuring there is plenty of functional storage space. We have helped home owners save space by customizing their laundry room with smart storage options such as custom cabinets, shelving and built-in hampers. That’s right, Stonebridge Granite and Tile can even customize your hampers so that they are out of sight. We think of all storage possibilities and items that will be used ahead of time so that every item has a home and is not left out of place.

Our spacious custom cabinets built in Orlando allows for customized storage for laundry detergents, fabric softens, dryer sheets, special cleaners and much more. Our team of professionals at our custom cabinets store in Orlando will work collaboratively with you to ensure we meet and exceed your expectations for design and functionality of your laundry room. We are also mindful of costs and therefore customize a budget-friendly plan to meet every home owner’s needs. The result will have you forgetting you are doing chores. You will be enjoying your beautiful custom designed laundry room that compliments the rest of your home. Call Stonebridge Granite and Tile today for your free in-home consultation.