Picking the Right Color for your Kitchen Countertops in Orlando

When installing new kitchen countertops, you are making a commitment, it’s not something that you will be will be able to change again so easily or cheaply. Ensuring that you pick the correct color to suits your Kitchen is the most important decision when choosing your countertops in Orlando.

Do’s & Don’ts

  • Do take into consideration, the color of your kitchen floor, your cabinets, and your walls.
  • Don't think because a color looks great in another house it will look good in your own.
  • Do try to stick with a shade or tone, based either on your floors or cabinets so that they will complement one another.
  • Don't try to match the exact same color as your floors, or get plain white quartz to try to match the color of your old white cabinets. We see this a lot but using white only looks good if you have a very modern updated kitchen.
  • Do step out of your comfort zone when it comes to the color. Stonebridge will be with you every step of the way if you need help choosing the proper colors and tones.
  • Don't pick pink, red or green unless you really like them, always have resale at the back of your mind. Would your next buyer like this look?
  • Do pick the color based on your usage of your Kitchen. plain white quartz looks sleek, but if you cut on top of it, have kids that may spilling things on it, or your kitchen is a very busy place and are not able to be clean it constantly, we advise to stay away from it. Your Quartz may end up looking dirty and although is stain resistant, it will not look the same as when it was first installed. Instead pick a color with a little pattern.
  • Don't pick a Dark color because you think it will last longer or think it will be more resistant to stain or scratches. Sometimes people want to purchase black granite because they believe it will withstand more use. This assumption is incorrect, Black Absolute for example is a very difficult material, and is very susceptible to scratches. By no means are we saying to stay away from purchasing this color if it is one that you would like for your kitchen countertop in Orlando, but do keep your sharp objects away from it and always use a cutting board for all types of countertops.
  • Do take into account the size of your Kitchen and whether it is an open or closed space kitchen. Dark colors tend to make a kitchen space feel smaller. If you have a kitchen that is less than 50 Sq. Ft. we advise that you don’t pick a Black or Dark color, also if your cabinets are dark do not pick a dark color as it will also make it look even smaller. Try to pick dark colors for larger kitchens, also pair dark with light colors, you can make your Island Top one color and the rest of the kitchen another color.
  • Remember: Choosing the right countertop and color of countertop is an extremely important decision. If you’re not sure what type to get or what color to choose fear not! We here at Stonebridge are a team of designers and industry professionals and will lead you to your goals of a beautiful kitchen. Take pictures of your kitchen and bring it in to our experts at our Orlando showroom.